Who Holds the Truth? Science, The Bible, or Both?


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From Reader's Choice Literary Reviews:
In Beyond Genesis, author Allen Epling attempts to solve the decades long debate between science and religion, Creationism versus Evolution. Epling proposes that the book of Genesis is historically accurate. The problems lie in the interpretation and translation of ancient text originally written in Hebrew. Epling goes on to suggest that if interpreted correctly, the Book of Genesis would fit with what is considered true in scientific data.
     Epling draws on his considerable formal education and life long study and research of religion, history, and the work of earlier religious scholars to explain the mysteries of Genesis. He explains how the first two chapters of the book of Genesis describe two different creation events: the first 13.7 Billion years ago when God created Heaven and Earth in a burst of light known as the “Big Bang,” with man-like creatures (Neanderthals, etc.) beginning nearly 2 million years ago. The second Creation Event took place around 6 thousand years ago when God created the Garden of Eden, Adam and domesticated animals.
     Epling uses new discoveries in genetics and science as evidence to back his hypothesis that both scientific theory and religious belief about creation are correct.
     Is Allen Epling’s interpretation of Genesis the true version? As of now, we have no way of knowing for certain. His theories are as believable as anything presented by academia, science, or religion. I urge you to pick up a copy of this compelling argument, to keep an open mind, and to make your own decision.
     I highly recommend Beyond Genesis
to anyone open to alternative religious theories and to those who have allowed science to cloud their faith."
      Reviewed by WR Potter for Reader’s Choice Reviews.  
                       Beyond Genesis-The Untold Story Of Man’s Origins
                                                    5 Stars 
From WordsRU Editing service:
" To the author:

     This is a fascinating insight into a new perspective on the merger between science and the Bible. It is evident that plenty of research has been done to pull the two "traditionally" separate camps of thought together. The respective issues are cohesively joined in a language that the average reader should easily grasp. An area that will need clarification throughout is the addition of more sources, both the biblical references to back-up biblical statements [these can be edited in] and scientific sources, as appropriate. Overall, a fascinating, well thought out, and expressed piece of writing. No doubt it will be a challenging topic for many readers, which is a good thing!"

Gregscott Reviews:

OK, I'm going to admit, right from the start, that I'm not a Bible scholar by anyone's standard. So, I can't say for certain that this book would hold up well under scrutiny from a Biblical point of view. As a matter of fact, I kept asking myself how all these ideas would hold up from a comparison to scripture. Having said that, I found the book to be absolutely fascinating in the sense that Epling's ideas concerning the scientific origins of man and the Biblical story of man's origins as being compatible were intensly interesting. He has a completely new, as far as I can tell, idea concerning the interpretation of the book of Genesis and it's meaning regarding the story of man's early history. There were many times throughout the book when I had one of those "Wow!" moments, thinking that "Yeah, this is, indeed, possible."
I do need to go back and reread the book and compare it carefully to the Bible and see how much I would agree with Epling's ideas at that point. This book really needs to be reviewed by an open minded person who really knows the Bible and Genesis in particular. I gave it only four stars because I thought that there were a few ideas that were just too far at odds with my perspective at this point in time. Also, Epling could have fleshed out some of his chaprters a little more. Other than that, the book is well written and intensely fascinatng. I suspect that there will be quite a few people who will find his ideas compelling and more than a few who will rage against them. I'll come back and edit my review as I reread the book, compare to scripture and think further on the ideas.

Allen Epling,  author of  Beyond Genesis: The Untold Story of Man's Origins  offers an alternative explanation for the origin of man that is unique and different from the usual Creationism versus Evolution debate. This book is not just a book of "explanations" of single events based on science, but the COMPLETE, credible, story of man from the beginning. Unlike other books on the subject of Genesis that attempt to explain individual events with science, this book pulls the whole story together into a narrative that flows seamlessly from the creation through the flood, and beyond, while maintaining scientific credibility. The author also presents timely new explanations for the "myths" of Genesis, based on recent scientific evidence.
     The theme throughout is that the book of Genesis is accurate factually, historically, and scientifically, and that modern man is the result of a combination of BOTH the evolutionary processes, AND a unique, separate line of man, the one referred to in Genesis that descended from Adam.
This would suggest that BOTH Science AND The Bible are true.

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