Author Information and Credentials

Academic Background: 
Rank I Education Supervision postgraduate + 32 hours - MSU
MA Secondary Education/Mathematics -Morehead State University
BS Mathematics - Pikeville College

Previous Writings:
Contributing writer for the Christian Post online newspaper, and the  
Appalachian News Express newspaper.
Published physics papers entitled: Time,  A Mystery Explained, Dark Energy, 
an Illusion of Space/Time Expansion, and An Analysis of the Big Bang From a Multidimensional Perspective.

Career History:     
1968-1976 High School Math/Physics teacher                          
1974 - 1989 Owner/manager/broadcast engineer of FM/AM radio station
1989 - 2001 Teacher, Math/Physics, School Administrator
2001 - Author, Contributing writer of articles and blogs for various newspapers

Amateur Radio, Private Pilot, Astronomy, Current Science, Ancient
History, and Particle Physics.

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